Microscale CSC

The classic CSC method that we have applied for the past 10 years has required ~80-100 million cells/experiment. To expand applicability to a broad range of primary cell types, we have recently developed a new miniaturized version of the CSC that reduces the starting material requirements by >20-fold. By implementing robotic sample handling and magnetic bead-based separations, high quality data (300-400 cell surface N-glycoproteins) can be acquired from 1-5 million cells!


Development and Application of the CellSurfer Platform to Define the Chamber Specific Cell Surface N-glycoproteome of Primary Human Cardiomyocytes, in preparation.


To promote rigor and reproduciblity among laboratories, our detailed Standard Operating Protocols (SOP) is freely available for download. This includes the instrument method files we use for automating all steps of the process on the epMotion 5073m liquid handling workstation.

Click on a method description to download the file. For epMotion methods, we provide the .DWS file and an accompanying PDF file that shows the instrument configuration with layout for plates, pipettes, reservoirs, etc.

  • Download the SOP - PDF

  • Download the electronic files for the epMotion by clicking on the links below:

    (Run files A-B-C-D consecutively for a full uCSC protocol)
    Application A
    Application B
    Application C
    Application D
    epMotion Configuration Image

MS Instrument Methods Files:

All of our MS instrument methods files can be found on www.lcmsmethods.org